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Slate is a natural stone having countless pores over its surface. Slate tiles can be available in a variety of dark colors/shades such as red, gray, copper, navy, sage, and black. Even after that, it is very easy for the floors made from this natural stone tiles to catch stains.

How to Remove Paint from Ceramic Floor

Spills on the floor are expected after you are done painting your walls. And if you have ceramic tiles installed on your floors and there is paint on the floor, you can remove it easily by yourself. However, you will need to perform a little experiment before heading forth.

As written in the chemistry books, vinegar isn’t just a food. It doesn’t just detoxify our body. This non-toxic, completely natural syrup also helps in removing stains from tiles and stones. Yes, you read that right. You can use vinegar to clean hard floor surfaces made of ceramic and porcelain tiles.