Traditional marble tiles are on a trend of recent interior decorations. The marble slabs maintain a luxurious look with its dazzling colors, veins, and styles. If you want to add elegance to the luxury, then concentrate on the finish of it. Now, some exclusive finished marble tiles are in the market. Experts are saying that marble flooring needs perfect finish and appealing presence for catering specialized décor.

Types of marble tile finishes:

Mainly, three types of finishing are in the concern nowadays.

Variations and benefits:

Polished Marble – this category provides the smoothness and glossiness. With a high-class style, the finish material prevents an enemy of the stone material. According to its golden color base and innovative veins and hues, Breccia Oniciata Marble looks extraordinary into the foyer, bathrooms, and balconies. The polished surface of Botticino Fiorito is very soft, which may be affected by the furniture moving or high traffic. If you avoid the scratches on your loveable marble, then use the soft marble tiles in personalized spaces like powder bathrooms, alleys or kid's study room.

  • Polished Marble leaves a great impact on the viewers through its first appearance.

Honed finish – this category is the poles apart of shiny and glossy marble section. With a matte finish, the category collaborates with velvet look marble slabs. Some sober color scheming, formal designs, and groomed styles create a muted pattern. Honed marble tiles are smooth, but the smoothness isn't similar to the polished finish. The gray color scheming is breaking its dimension through the contrast effects and the veins add more to the class. Arabescato Carrara marble is a perfect name for sophisticated interior decoration.

  • The Honed Finish provides peace for a long time (durable and it's designed stays with its authenticity) among the space.

Tumbled Finish- this section is an ultimate example of natural stone look. The finishing procedure accumulates exclusive rustic and worn look of the tumbled finish category. Subdued color scheming is the basic of the section. The uneven get-up, dissymmetrical flow of veins and strikes and mixed edges are giving an out-of-the-box structure to the category. Emperador Dark or Crema Cappuccino is mounted by an impressive plan and making process. it suits with the rustic, antique and creative patterned houses perfectly.

  • Tumbled finish has an inspirational beauty and creativity that build a motivating lifestyle.