Concrete look tiles are porcelain tiles that imitate the classic look of concrete surface. Floors created with our concrete look tiles look like as if they are made from concrete. But the fact is, they are made from tiles that are made from clay.

How cool is that!

Technically, you can use them in any area of your home, especially where you were planning to create concrete floors and walls. The biggest advantage of using these tiles would be – they will last longer than real concrete floors. Additionally, they will not have any pores and will be highly water-resistant.

Bathroom Floor –

Imagine bathroom flooring that is waterproof and water-resistant, and at the same time, anti-slip. TYou get all this with our Dimensions Graphite 4x12 Bullnosed Porcelain Tiles.

Waiting Area Floor in Offices and Hospitals –

Concrete look tiles can also be used for floors in high traffic commercial environments. The tile used in the picture above is Dimension Gris 4 X 12 Bullnose, and it features the traditional look of poured gray concrete flooring.

Sun Room Floor –

Concrete look tiles can also be used in areas that have a direct exposure to sunlight, such as your sunroom. The tile in the sunroom shown above is – Dimension Concrete 2 X 2 matte. It features a smooth but low sheen finish that adds a unique, aged gray concrete look in your space.

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