As written in the chemistry books, vinegar isn’t just a food. It doesn’t just detoxify our body. This non-toxic, completely natural syrup also helps in removing stains from tiles and stones. Yes, you read that right. You can use vinegar to clean hard floor surfaces made of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

If you have ceramic-porcelain tiles installed on floors and walls of your home, and you are looking for ways to remove stains from them, vinegar can be an effective cleanser.

How To Clean Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles with Vinegar

Use clear, white vinegar for removing stains from these surfaces. Below is the stepwise right procedure to make your ceramic and porcelain tiles stain free –

  • Mix half a cup vinegar in a gallon of hot water in a bucket.
  • Remove dust and dirt from the floor surface. You could sweep or vacuum the floor.
  • Dip the mop in the hot water-vinegar mixture and wipe the floor.
  • Let the floor dry out completely.

To remove harsh stains, pour the vinegar on the area affected. Let the vinegar be there for 5 minutes and then, rub the area with a soft, dry towel. And there you go. That’s how you remove stains from your ceramic and porcelain floors.

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