If you are looking for something unique at budget price, ShadesOfStone.com has a dedicated clearance section for you. In this blog, we list down some of the unique and low-price deals on stones and tiles –

Rainbow Standing 4x12 Interlocking Polished Pebbles

This polished pebbles interlocking tile can be great choice for your outdoor and landscape project. Each tile has multicolored (rainbow colors) pebbles assembled on a meshed backing. That’s what makes these tiles rare and unique. You cannot find the exact match anywhere else and that ‘s probably the best part of it.

Areas to use – Apart from outdoor and landscape, you can use this tile for any vertical project such as wall, backsplash and accent.

Cost per Linear Ft - $4.50

Grey Blend Brick 1x2 Glass Mosaic

This premium glass mosaic tile features a beautiful blending of grays and whites. These brick pattern tiles make an ideal choice for walls.

Made from glass, this tile is water-, stain-, and chemical-resistant. Plus, we must mention its shine and reflect. In whichever room you use this tile, you will feel a luxurious shine blessing your space.

Areas to use – Kitchen and bathroom backsplash and indoor walls

Cost per sq. ft. - $3.50

Azure Denim 6x18 Interlocking Glass Mosaic


Another glass mosaic tile for indoors! The glass tile features random strips that give each tile and your space a unique character.

The type of glass used in the tile is crystallized glass, which offers shine, strength, and durability to your project.

Areas to use – Kitchen and bathroom backsplash and wall

Cost per sq. ft. - $8.67. However, if you buy more than 90 sq. ft., you can grab it for $5.27 per sq. ft.

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