If you want to impart an elegant and classy look to your house floors, choose the wood look tiles. These tiles are manufactured both ways – either from ceramic or from porcelain. However, the porcelain ones are the tougher, can resist scratches, and durable one.

You must wonder how they look like wood. Well, actually the tiles are printed with the real woody pattern into the ceramic and porcelain made wood look tiles. The higher is the resolution of the print, the more is its quality. Along with good quality, the price range too increases.

Given below are easy tips to choose the best wood look tiles:

  • Choose porcelain over ceramic tiles

As has already been mentioned earlier, the porcelain is harder than the ceramic ones. What’s best about the porcelain ones is even though you drop a glass pitcher it will drop on the floor intact.

  • Select a simple pattern

The patterns available in the wood look tiles are very limited. Make sure that while you are installing them, stick to the same pattern in every room. Also, the patterns must not be clumsy. The simpler is the pattern, the better it looks.

  • Opt for a rectified tile

The edge of a rectified tile is much more precise than a non-rectified one. These sharp edges are imparted by rubbing the tiles on machines.  

  • A longer plank length is ideal

We have wood look tiles available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the one that convinces you most. Check out the entire selection here. Call 855-984-1870 for more info!