While most people like to go for marble or granite or travertine for their choice of tiles, you might consider choosing something different.

Go for some fresh attractive looks from the modern options available, with fabric look tiles.

Hearing about fabric-look or linen-look tiles for the first time? Well, then you must definitely read on to find out all that you need to know-

  • One can encounter the most spectacular patterns and designs when they come to the world of fabrics. Though fabric textured tiles might not be suitable for installing in the areas where we would want to placethem, they can actually provide loads ofmagnificence along with the durability.
  • All the standard options of fabric tiles are very much captivating because of the natural look it comes with. It provides the touch of sophistication and style.
  • These designs are derived from different types of textile material like denim, linen, silk, cotton, canvas, and velvet. You can also get the fabric tiles having rougher textures like to tweed, hemp, and burlap.
  • The type of the fabric which the tile will be mimicking will have a similar number of crisscrossing pattern or linear. There are many tiles which are more complicated and picturesque like the Persian rug.

In many cases, you will also get tiles having images of HD quality printed on it. It will give an appearance of interlacing threads along with a fine texture that looks brilliant and every bit classy.

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