Slate is a natural stone having countless pores over its surface. Slate tiles can be available in a variety of dark colors/shades such as red, gray, copper, navy, sage, and black. Even after that, it is very easy for the floors made from this natural stone tiles to catch stains.

If you have slate stone floors installed at your place, this blog is going to suggest a best practices tips to remove stains from the surface –

#1. Clean/Wipe The Spills Immediately.

If not cleaned, spills turn into stains over time. They become mild to hard with the passage of time. So, to avoid getting your slate stone floors stained, you should try to avoid spills. And if something – for example food, colors, soap form, etc. – is spilled, remove it immediately.

#2. Wet The Stains Before Removing.

Even though you tried your best to avoid spills, it happens. So, if that happened and your slate floor is stained and you are trying to remove the stain, it is advisable to wet the stain with concentrated, lukewarm soapy water. Removing stains will become easier this way.

#3. Use Soft Brush to Rub & Do Away The Stains.

You could use an old toothbrush for this exercise. Dip the brush in the aforementioned solution and rub over the stain gently. Wipe and dry the stained area multiple times, until you see the stains have gone completely.

We will soon come up with a post to guide you on removing hard stains off your slate tile surface. If you are looking to buy slate tiles for flooring and walls, check out to get the best quality at best rates.