Resealing is an essential maintenance routine for natural stone walls and floors; it helps you protect the shine and shades of stone. But, is that it? Is that the only reason why you should seal your natural stone tiles every year?

In this blog, we talk about some of the reasons why sealing stone tiles is important. Check out the following –

Blocks Pores:

Natural stones are known for their high porosity. There are innumerable tiny pores on the stone tile surface that when, not sealed, captures calcium deposits of hard water, dirt, and color from colorful fluids – which becomes a reason for staining.

Sealing blocks those pores and minifies the chances of staining.

Increases Moisture- and Water-Resistance:

Sealing and blocking the pores on the stone surface prevents water and other fluids from entering and seeping through the stone tile. In other words, it gives the stone a high-level moisture- and water- resistance.

Meaning, if you ensure timely sealing, you can use the stones even in bathroom and outdoor spaces without worrying about water damage or moisture problems.

Enhances Durability:

Open pores often become a reason for tile damage. Additionally, water and debris enter the pores on a regular basis. When you walk on them, the pores keep widening, gradually damaging the stone.

Sealing the stone tile helps avoid such likelihoods.

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