There is no way you should avoid building a backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom. This very feature protects your wall from the splashes of water, soap, oil, and many other solids and fluids. Imagine a kitchen wall with hard stains caused by red wide or colorful spices!

Glass 3 inches X 6 inches Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile –

This is a glass tile of 3 inches by 6 inches size – the size of classic subway tile. Subway tiles have always been a favorite pick for backsplashes and walls in kitchens and bathroom. So, this tile too falls into the category of tiles that you can use on your kitchen and bathroom backsplash.

That’s the most basic reason why you should use our Glass Peel and Stick Tile for your backsplash. It is a (subway) tile, so you can use it for backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Let’s now dig some technical reasons why you should use this tile –

Glass –

The material glass has charm of its own. It has a shine and reflect that fill your space with plenty of light, brightness, and contrast at the same time.

Durability –

A large number of people believe glass is a delicate material. It indeed is. But when it is installed on a perfectly flat surface using the right quality of glue and grout, it will potentially last more than a decade.

Color Availability –

Our Glass 3 X 6 Peel and Stick Backsplash tile is available in four colors – Frost White, Leather, Putty, and Steel – to choose from. Pick the one that matches well with the theme of space.

Peel and Stick –

This one is ultimate! You do not need thin set mortar or tile adhesive and grout to install these tiles. The glass tiles are super easy to install due to their peel and stick feature. You just have to peel and apply them.

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