Wood-look porcelain tiles are artificial, manmade porcelain tiles. Real wood isn’t used in these tiles. However, the floor, prepared using these porcelain tiles look like, real wooden floor.

These tiles have become a popular replacement for wooden flooring. This blogs elucidates 4 big reasons why people choose wood-look porcelain tiles –


The name says it all. As mentioned earlier in this post, floors placed using these tiles look exactly like wooden floor. Look wise, they are no different from timber floors.

Additionally, these tiles can be available in styles and patterns of many types of wood, such as redwood, teak, driftwood, palm, oak, etc.

Cheaper than Real Wood

If I am not over exaggerating, wooden floors for entire house cost a fortune. They will be like your biggest investment in your house.

But, when you buy wood-look porcelain tiles, you don’t really have to worry about the costing. Porcelain floors are a lot cheaper than wooden ones. In fact, some wood-look tiles can be available at as low as $1.87 per Sq. Ft. – such as TURIN NERO 12X24 MATTE.


Porcelain tiles are known for their durability. They stay as it is for quite a long time. So in addition to durability, these floors bring your space to life with their never-fading elegance and shine.

Low-on Maintenance

When you have real wood floor installed at your home, you have to follow a very disciplined lifestyle to avoid causing damage to the wood. However, with wood-look porcelain tiles, there are no such needs. These tiles come with sturdy coating that does not demand any kind of special treatment from.

Unlike wooden floors, wood-look porcelain tiles do not require period maintenance routines to be performed in order to keep their shine and sophistication.

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