There is a lot of bafflement when it comes to choose the right tile material for outdoors. Some people believe that outdoor tiles should be strong and able to withstand the hard outdoor weather conditions.

Slate and Porcelain –

Slate and porcelain are two most suitable materials for outdoors – agreed by homeowners and contractors unanimously. They both are hard and durable. Porcelain can be designed to have the look of slate, and slate is natural and natural stone which gives your outdoors a natural and unique look.

Slate is a natural stone, which has the densest formation. Meaning, it is less porous than other natural stones. However, that does not mean that its pores won’t absorb water and dirt – the most common condition in outdoors. Additionally, you will need to seal it every year to protect it from stains, scratches, and other damages.

Although it feels like there are pores, this is a feature related to product design. Porcelain tiles with slate look do not have any pore on their surface. So, there are no chances of water and dirt seeping through and causing problems with the quality of the material.

So, if you are ready to ensure proper care and maintenance, then you can consider slate stone tiles for your outdoor area. And if you don’t think you would be able to do that, you can use slate stone look porcelain tiles; this will give your space the same look you expect, but at a cheaper price and fewer care and maintenance demands.

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