Ever heard of Quartzite tiles?

Did you know they have become a hot favourite among the urban homeowners?

Yes, you heard us right.

Quartzite is one among the natural stones that have successfully transformed the face of the housing sector. When you think of style, modern, trendy and chic, think of Quartzite. Used as an alternative for marble, Quartzite can be used in the most innovate way be it for your kitchen or bathroom.

Formed deep within the earth with heat and pressure, Quartzite is quite durable as compared to other tiles. Though hard and sturdy, do make sure to maintain them so that in turn they keep your homes in the highest quality for a longer duration.

Some Quick Tips for Cleaning

  • Infusing sealers protect the stone walls or floors from moisture and stains such as oil, grease, and dirt. Installing sealers is not a task and hence a go-to method for protecting the tiles. 
  • Avoid harsh sponges and cleaning solutions (especially ones with acids) for your Quartzite tiles. Use soft cloths or pads for cleaning the surface. 
  • Make your own home cleaning potion with water and vinegar. It easily cleans the stains and leaves it spot free. 
  • To sustain the shine and sleekness of the tiles, we advise you to mop them on a regular basis. Immediate mopping of the spillages will avoid deeper damage to the tiles.

Following these small pointers will make them look fresh everyday and in turn, give a perfect look for your homes!

To make sure that your quatzite stone tiles do not lose their shine and substance and demand frequent maintenance, you will need to buy from a trusted tile shop. Shades Of Stone.com is a widely recognized online tile store that offers all varieties of quartzite stones at reasonable rates.