Crema Marfil is a variety of marble, a natural stone that naturally is strong and durable. However, due to non-maintenance and wrong usages and installation, these stone easily receives damages that often traduce the look of your home interior. Damages are like a blow to your hefty investment.

To save how your home looks and endures, you will need to ensure proper and timely upkeep for your crema marfil tiles.

Best Practices for Crema Marfil Marble Maintenance

  • Do not use chemicals or chemical based cleansing solution for cleaning.
  • Do not use vinegar, lime juice, etc. for stain removal.
  • Do not use hard bristled or wired brush to rod of stains and rigid dirt on the stone surface.
  • Remove dust every day. Use broom stick or vacuum cleaner for this exercise.
  • Dry mop after sweeping your floor every time.
  • Wipe the floor after dry mopping. Wet mop the floor. Or, use a clean cotton cloth piece to wipe the floor.
  • Wipe or wet mop only after removing dust from the floor.
  • Take care of the spills, especially, of colorful food items, such as wine, vinegar, alcohol, soda, soap foam, etc. Clean the spills the moment they happen.
  • Keep a close look on the sealant and get it renewed as due.

Following these crema marfil maintenance best practices, you can prolong the span and performance of your flooring. If you are looking to buy crema marfil stone, we have the best quality and best prices to offer.