Grout fills the space or lines between two tiles. The type of grout being used may differ as per application and material, but grouting is an important part of any tile installation project.

So, grouting is important. But, there are many concerns related to grout being toxic.

Natural stones and ceramic tiles are unburnable. Meaning, they do not literally burn or catch fire. But, it is the grout and the coating on the tile that may burn sometime. And the smoke released is toxic.

There are different types of grouts available on the marble. Each has a different response to burning. For example:

Cement-based grout mixture is in powdered form and is dry. The powdered form doesn’t burn on normal temperatures. So, it is safe during instances of fire hazard.

However, when the particles found in the powder (cement and sand) are consumed and breathed in, it poses a great risk on human health. Therefore, DIYers, homeowners seeking tile installation, and tile placers need to be careful with the grout powder. You need to follow all the safety guidelines as indicated on the product packaging and industry regulatory body.

While cement- and sand-based grout could be safe for your health to certain degrees, grout materials such as epoxy, polymer, acrylic and others may not be suitable considering human and home safety.

Whichever grout you are using, always make sure that it is suitable for your application and most importantly, safe for you.

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