California Gold slate is a variety of slate stone that has dazzling green and golden patterns on it. If you want your indoor and outdoor areas to have a habiliment of golden royalism, this is that material. Strong and beautiful, the floors and walls made out of this stone demonstrate your taste and zest toward uniqueness.


You can install slate on a variety of substrates such as concrete, plywood, or hardwood – each having a different modus operandi.

Point To Remember:  You CANNOT install slate stone directly on plywood sub-surface. It is because, plywood expands due to moisture and as the time goes.  NEVER apply your California gold tiles directly on your plywood surface – no matter how hard it appears. The expanded substrate may cause your tiles to crack.

  • Place a layer of cement backer on your plywood surface. This concrete layer will add to the thickness and strength of the substrate. Additionally, it will protract the life of the slate stone.
  • Make sure this layer is perfectly even. Allow 48 hours to dry this layer completely.
  • Once the concrete layer is placed, screw the plywood and cement backer so these two surfaces do not move.
  • Now you are ready for California gold slate tile installation.

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