Concrete look on the walls is a trendy home décor option. It is appropriate for the people who are going for the minimalist look. However, if you are also planning to use the same porcelain tiles or already have installed these tiles, then you must be worried about its longevity.

If that's your concern, don't worry. Porcelain tiles are considered one of the long-lasting covering material for both home and commercial use.

Ways to prolong the durability of Porcelain tiles:

Use high-quality porcelain

Don't be a miser in selecting the better quality of the tile. A good quality tile goes a long way! The higher the quality the more it will look good on the wall and also be long-lasting.

Install them properly

 Most of the problems in tile damage come up because they are not installed properly. Sometimes the moisture also becomes one of the reasons for tile damage. Therefore, make sure they are correctly installed and are moisture resistant.

Go for maintenance work

If you have used the tiles in outdoor areas they are more prone to damage. Give them a proper sealer application from time to time.

Use good-quality grout

 Grout plays a significant role in the porcelain tiles. They should be of good quality as they have the ability to absorb water and protect the surface. If there is a dirty grout, you should get rid of it.

Hire expert workers

Porcelain tiles need to be installed properly so that they go on for several years. If there is a problem in the installation procedure, then your porcelain tiles will start getting damaged within a few years. Therefore, make sure to choose the right company. It's better to also check their warranty facilities.

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