Emperador is an imported marble known for its dark, grayish, brown texture. Emperador marble floor has the potential to fill just any room with style and eminence.

Although marble is a natural, rock-solid stone, it is very easy for emperador marble flooring to crack, which certainly isn’t good from visual standpoint, and also for the health of the stone and your floor. Cracks on emperador marble need to be addressed on tile to avoid heavy replacement costs.

  • Remove finish/polish around the cracked area.
  • Apply stripper over the cracked area and let it rest for some time.
  • When the polish has been dissolved, wipe the floor with an old, but clean cloth piece.
  • Wash, rinse and dry the cracked emperador marble stone tile.
  • Vacuum the cracked and surrounding area and make sure there is no dust and chips of marble.
  • Prepare the grout (the one that is suitable for and matches the texture of your emperador marble).
  • Fill the cracked area on the floor tile with the grout mixture.
  • Remove the excess grout from the floor. Make sure that the grout is in the crack only, not on the tile surface. Wipe the tile with a damp cloth piece.
  • Allow the grout to rest for a couple of hours, before cleaning the surface with soft, clean, slightly wet hand towel.
  • Next day, add more grout if needed. Clean and rest it accordingly.
  • Apply sealant and wait for 2 days before using your emperador marble flooring again.

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