Pebble stone tiles are a uniting of various small pebbles or stones, assembled over a mesh to form a tile-like shape. These tiles are available in all standard sizes to suite different applications, starting from bathroom flooring to patio flooring and walkthroughs.

Sometimes the stones are given a layer of polishing for shine and durability. Cleaning these tiles with acidic chemicals can damage the polishing and even make the pebbles lose their color. You have to avoid chemical based cleaning solutions. You also have to avoid cleaning these tiles with vinegar, lime juice, and ammonia.

But not cleaning is not at all suggested. You ought to clean your pebble stone tiles in order to maintain their glow and permanency.

So, how do you clean pebble stone tiles?

The following describes some of the best practices for homeowners to clean pebble stone tiles by themselves –

  • Use pH neutral cleaning solutions only for cleaning these tiles stones. Such a solution does not react with the composition of the stone and its surface finish. So, while using a pH neutral cleanser, you can be sure that no stone will lose its color and there will no damage.
  • For regular cleaning, you could use mild detergent. Make sure that the detergent is alkaline based. Mix the detergent in warm water and use a soft brush to rub and clean the floor.

To remove hard stains off your pebble stone tile, steam cleaning is advisable. It is a job of professional cleaning service and you should not perform it to avoid injuries.

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