Nothing has the potential to overtake the versatility, elegance and quietness of marble stone floors. The natural stone is available in a wide range of colors, shades, finishes and types.

China black is a type of marble that has black texture with gray, white veins giving your rooms a high-end look. But that look washes away over time. And the homeowners are required to ensure adequate cleaning and maintenance in order to keep their china black marble flooring clean, shiny and going.

But, how do I maintain my china black marble stone flooring by myself? If that’s the question that daunts you every year, this blog is going to underline some of the best practices that will help in this intimidating task –

Clean spillages, falls, and drops immediately.

Any kind of marble is delicate and porous by nature. That means, fluids and powdery items that intentionally or unintentionally get spilled over its surface have high chances of reaching deep inside its pores. Spills and drops are the most common cause of dirty-looking natural stone floors.

So, clean spillages as they happen or as soon as you notice them.

Clean the Spot, not the Entire Floor.

When there is stain on a small area on your china black marble flooring, it is obvious that you would like to mop and attempt to clean your entire flooring. However, it is as tiring as it may seem.

Instead, try to work on the stained areas only. This way, you will save yourself from hours of exhausting exercise. And this will also help you perform cleaning more efficiently.

Use soft brush and dust pan to remove debris. Use only the cleansers that are pronounced safe for china black marble. You could take suggestions from your tile distributor on this.

Last but not the least, get your china black marble polished every year. Doing so enhances the shine and durability of the stone surface.

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