At most offline and online tile stores, ceramic and porcelain tiles are put in the same category. This is mainly because both the materials are made from clay and they have exactly similar manufacturing process.

A large number of people choose ceramic tiles because they make an affordable walling and flooring material. In addition to that, people pick these tiles as they are available in a sea of colors and effects.

That’s what everybody knows about ceramic and porcelain tiles.  But did you know that –

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are quite different from each other.

Technically, yes, ceramic and porcelain tiles are different from each other. Porcelain tiles have finer edges than ceramic tiles. Further, porcelain tiles are made from clay called kaolin, while ceramic tiles are mostly made from red or white clay.

Moreover, the temperature to which both the types of tiles are fired is also different. For porcelain tile, the temperature ranges between 2200 degrees and 2600 degrees and for ceramic tiles, the temperature inside the kiln is around 1600 degrees.

Porcelain tiles are harder than ceramic tiles.

Yes, porcelain is harder and stronger than ceramic tile. But that does not mean that ceramic tiles are more likely to get damaged. They are also strong and durable. If not, they wouldn’t be that popular!

Ceramic tiles are less stain resistant than porcelain tiles are.

Both the materials are known for several attractive characteristics, including stain resistance. They do not easily catch stains.

But when we compare the stain resistance of ceramic and porcelain tiles, the former appears to be losing the game. As porcelain tiles are denser, they tend to absorb less staining agents.

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