LVT or luxury vinyl tile is an increasingly popular flooring material we have today. Despite the fact that vinyl has been here for quite a long time now, the quality we have today is outstanding. No previous version of vinyl was as fine and robust as modern LVT.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Before a decade back or so, vinyl was still a popular flooring material. However, it was available in form of sheet or carpet.

The most modern version of vinyl is, vinyl tiles. Vinyl is cut in shapes and sizes of regular tiles, which you can install the way you would install any other tile flooring. However, the approach of installation will be slightly different. First, you do not need grout or thin set to install these tiles. Second, you can walk on your flooring the moment you finish the installation.

In this blog, we will learn some of the biggest reasons why people choose LVT flooring –

It can mimic the look of natural stone and wood flooring.

Vinyl is an engineered material, which can be designed to have the exact look of natural stone and wood flooring. The printing is so advanced that LVT flooring is often mistaken for authentic wood flooring.

It is completely waterproof.

Technically, vinyl is composite plastic. That means, you can use vinyl for your kitchen and bathroom, apart from your living room and bedroom.

It is cheaper than other flooring material.

To be specific, the cost of creating LVT flooring ranges from $2 to $ 5 per sq. ft. No other material is that economical.

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