In the world of construction and interior designing, linen- or fabric look tiles are a popular choice for wall and floor surface. Linen look tiles are those that add a touch of fabric on your floors and walls. With their textured design, these tiles effortlessly enhance the appeal of your home interior.

Available in the imitation of a variety of fabrics, linen look tiles fill in a dash of elegance in the room where they are installed. This blog enunciates some of the biggest advantages of fabric look tiles –

Not Fabric –

Looks like fabric, but these tiles are not fabric. That means, you do not have to care for them like you have to when there is real fabric installed. Additionally, textured patterns on these tiles bring the class and elegance.

Rock-solid Surface Finish –

A glaze – surface finish – is added to the tile to protect the printed texture. The color of the tiles does not fade away with use and cleaning over time. Moreover, these tiles porcelain material – that itself is hard as rock and demonstrates great strength in indoor and outdoor applications.

Water Resistance –

Linen look tiles are waterproof tiles. This characteristic makes these tiles one of the best options for bathroom and those areas that have exposure to water and moisture.

Fire Resistance –

Linen look tiles are made from clay and fired at above thousand degree temperature. Given that, it is pretty difficult for these tiles to catch fire.

Durability –

These tiles represent the lasting durability of porcelain tiles. These tiles are hard and durable and perform well for a wide variety of applications.

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