Luxury vinyl tiles are quite a popular flooring material. And interestingly, it can also be used for walls in your home.

A couple of reasons why LVT is popular are – it features the luxury look and effect of a variety of real wood planks and stone tiles, and it is highly affordable.

So, if you have LVT flooring in your living area or planning to have one, how much do you know about this material? Do you know that each luxury vinyl tile – weather it is wood-look, stone-look, or solid color, has at least four layers of materials to ensure durable and comfortable floor?

Here is a brief of different types of layers vinyl tiles can have -

Clear Top Layer –

This layer is clear and colorless. To be specific, it is a urethane coating that gives the LVT tile its shine and stainlessness. There’s another purpose of this layer and that is – to protect the tile from staining, scratching, and discoloration.

Apparently, this layer also provides the tile with slip resistance – a highly desirable feature for your bathroom.

Wear Layer –

This layer is also clear and colorless. But it is designed to serve a different purpose. It protects your luxury vinyl floor tile from wear and tear over a period of time. That said, it is the thicket layer in an LVT.

In addition, this layer makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier.

Design Layer –

Let’s now talk about the layer that gives the vinyl tile its look and appearance. This is a printed layer, which might have real-like prints of wood and stone or some solid color.

Foam layer –

The fourth layer is the cushion foam layer that gives the LVT flooring a soft feel when you walk and stand upon it. This is layer that helps create better insulation in your home.

Fiber Glass Backing –

The last one is fiberglass back, which makes your LVT flooring strong and stable. This is the reason why adequately-installed luxury vinyl tile flooring lasts over a decade.

Apart from these, some brands can also have a PVC backing and an underlayment attached on the back.

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