Tiles these days come in various shapes and sizes. The world has moved on from the traditional square shaped tiles. People want to make their space look unique and attractive at the same time.

Therefore, more new styles and shape of tiles were introduced in the market. Now you can see tile shapes such as Hexagon, Rectangular, Octagon and more.

Octagon Tiles and Octagon pattern tiles

Octagon Tiles as the name says is octagon shaped tiles. You will find these types of tiles mostly in the bathroom. They are a bit costlier compared to the Octagon pattern tiles.

However, they look more attractive compared to the Octagon patterned tiles. There is one negative fact of these tiles, which is, if you are going for the dotted-octagonal tile look, you will have to also pay for small square tiles which will be used to fill the space between two octagonal shaped tiles.

Octagon pattern tiles, however, are simply printed octagon shape on square tiles. These are the more traditional kinds. Since they are simply printed on the square tile, you won't have to purchase any additional square tiles.

They will give the same shape feeling as the Octagonal shaped tile. However, it will still be different as it is only a printed tile. But if you wish to use the shape in a budgeted price, go for the octagon pattern tiles instead!

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