Initial impressions matter so much in every sector and so it is with home property purchases. Attractive exteriors would make that essential difference and prompt better prices. Even if the home is not intended for sale, take pains and spend some money to ensure pretty surroundings to bring happiness each day. While a facelift could be achieved in several ways, an easy and inexpensive method is to install porcelain pavers outdoors to create an oasis. Pavers create an awesome distinctive style to elevate the surrounding. Porcelain with the inkjet-printed natural stone appearances serves the purpose at a tiny price! Glance at a few of those pretty styles.

pocelain tile


Mystique Multicolor

This bold outstanding design contains browns and grays allied with coppers and resemble natural slate. The large format 13x24 and 24x24 sizes in matte finishing create a dramatic impact. It is absolutely low maintenance and looks just like real natural stone.

mystic multicolor


Vulkon Gray

Install this tile to get a concrete or gray slate impression with almost no maintenance issues.  It looks incredibly authentic and the 24x24 porcelain tiles establish an immediate character. The looks are eternal and trendy too in the contemporary culture. The square minimalist tiles combined with artificial grass set up pretty grids and the pathways look very attractive.


Beton Gray Arterra

In this sea of gray can be detected swirls, clouds and specks. A patio porcelain floor decorated with such pavers would look larger than life. Available in the matte finish of 13x24 and 24x24 options, a variety of patterns can be laid. Imagine an outdoor dining space with the pathways decorated with dark pebbles for an appealing aura.


Praia Crema

The delicate and soothing neutral suits a variety of styles. A matte finish of gentle creams and light gray shades establishes a peaceful effect. Surround the patio with lighting, greenery and furniture to create a cozy oasis out there. The 13x24 or 24x24 tiles match well with both traditional and modern design styles.

praia crema


Tierra Ivory Arterra

This porcelain tile mimics natural travertine and creates a dramatic entrance theme. The cream and white shades on the textured exterior would impress anybody for sure. With choices of sizes in 12x24, 13x24 and 24x24, you have the options of square and rectangular designs, perhaps installing both as required.

 Tierra Ivory

It is not hard or expensive to create a wonderful exterior for the home on the ground with porcelain pavers. They come in many fabulous designs and colors and are easy to care for, strong and cheap. Check out more styles in the showroom or the Arterra Collection online.