All You Need to Know About Honed Travertine Stone Tile

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Travertine is a widely used natural stone for indoors and outdoors. Travertine is known for its pores that appear in the rock, it has been processed from. With colors ranging from white to tan and rust – travertine make a suitable choice for bathrooms, patios, and poolside areas.


Stone Porcelain Tiles – A Cost Effective Replacement for Natural Stones

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Stone porcelain tiles are a type of textured porcelain tiles that have been designed to imitate detailed visual characteristics a variety of natural stones. Not only do these tiles look exactly like natural stones, but also are very close to the sturdiness and durability offered by natural stones.

Design Your Space with Classic White Tiles

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White is the color of peace and tranquility. It is one of the most chosen colors in interior design. With ShadesOfStone’s classic white tiles, you can add a dash of freshness and splash some shine and light.

4 Reasons to Use Tuscany Travertine in Bathroom

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Tuscany is a beautiful natural stone that you can consider including in your kitchen design. A variation of travertine, Tuscany is one of the most used stone due to its close resemblance to marble and onyx. However, it is neither.

How to Differentiate between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

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Most brand stores sell and tell that ceramic and porcelain tiles are same. To some extent, that could be true.  Porcelain tiles are put into the category of ceramic tile, because they are a ceramic product.

How to Prepare Substrate for Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

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There are times when you want to change the look of your rooms. And when you think of that, you would definitely think of changing the appearance of your flooring. And when you are short on time and a shortage of budget, luxury vinyl tiles are there to fit into your requirement.

Holes on Tuscany Travertine Flooring? Here’s How to Fix Them

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Tuscany Travertine is known for its earthly, rustic appearance. It is also known for countless holes on its surface – which are created during the formation of the rock within hot springs.

Which Grout is Suitable for Pebble Stone Flooring?

Posted on in Blog by Shailendra Verma

Pebble flooring is made from small rocks found in and around rivers. They are a great choice for creating strong, durable, and chic flooring. However, to see all that coming, you will need to ensure that they are installed correctly, using the right material including grout and sealant.

Tips for Sealing Multi Classic Slate Backsplash

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Multi classic slate is a beautiful and sturdy stone that can be used for a variety of applications ranging from flooring and walls of indoors and outdoors to accent, fireplaces, baseboards, and backsplash. 

Imbibe Crystallized Glass Tiles in Your Interior Design

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Crystallized glass is a hard and durable material you can use for interior design projects. With its superior thickness – varying between 4mm and 8mm, crystallized glass tile ensure better strength and durability than natural stones and wood under certain conditions.

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