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3 Crystallized Glass Tiles for Walls and Backsplash

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Crystallized glass tiles are made from crystal glass. They are strong, hard, durable, shiny, and reflective. Some people put an argument that glass tiles are vulnerable and not durable.

Factors to Focus on While Buying Luxury Vinyl Planks

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Due to their versatility, low cost, and real-like wood look, luxury vinyl planks have emerged as the top selling flooring material in past few years. These modern wood look planks help create durable, comfortable to walk on, and easy to maintain floors in your home and office.

Design Ideas with Prescott Series Vinyl Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Prescott is a wide and exclusive series in ShadesOfStone.com’s vinyl tile collection. Prescott, the series has it all. You can include vinyl tiles from this series in a wide range of indoor projects.

Can I Install Luxury Vinyl Tiles on My Real Hardwood Flooring?

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

If your hardwood flooring has received potential damage, and you are planning to replace it, you can use consider installing luxury vinyl planks on it.

Add a Dimension to Your Walls with These 3D Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

3D wall tiles are often called an epitome of art and tech. They are simply both, an art and a product of modern technology. Using these tiles you can create 3 dimensional effects on your wall. 

Travertine Mosaic Tiles for a Robust and Rustic Interior

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Travertine is a popular natural stone widely used for creating floors in outdoors, landscapes, yards, and bathrooms. It is known for its warm earthy rustic look, rock-solid strength, and decades-long durability.

Porcelain Vs Stale Tiles – The Better Option for Outdoors

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

They both are hard and durable. Porcelain can be designed to have the look of slate, and slate is natural and natural stone which gives your outdoors a natural and unique look.

Top Reasons Why Large-Size Vinyl Planks Are A Hit?

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Large-size vinyl planks can be used for creating floors and walls in your home. If you have a small space, you can use them for walls and floors to make it appear a bit larger.

Why You Should Use Cyrus Stable LVT

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Cyrus Stable is a new addition in our wide and exclusive Luxury Vinyl Tile collection. The tile has low gloss and 5mm thickness. It is available in 7 inches X 48 inches size, which is the size of actual plank.

You can use these luxury vinyl tiles for any area of your home, as it is vinyl. Apart from that, you can expect your Cyrus Stable LVT to give your home a high-level design bonus.

Here are some of the top reasons to use Cyrus Stable LVT –

Durable –

Vinyl is a strong and durable material. However, many a people believe that it is not durable because of its soft feel and thin appearance.

That’s far from the truth.

In fact, it is more durable than traditional vinyl tiles. When installed correctly and not abused, Cyrus Stable LVT can hold up for years, and sometimes, for over a decade.

Vinyl –

The term vinyl itself explains the whole story. Vinyl comes with advantages of its own. It is a soft material; and that does not mean, it is a negative trait.

This soft surface makes your flooring comfortable to walk or stand. This is definitely not a feature of any other floor material.

Apart from that, it is easier to install. Plus, it does not require any thin set or grout for finishing. You just need to create a suitable quality subfloor, and apply vinyl planks on it. And you are ready to use the floor. You do not have to wait for 24 to 48 hours before walking on the floor.

Additionally, our Cyrus Stable LVT is super easy to clean and maintain. Even on low maintenance, your floor will be able to shield its wood look and appearance.

Looking for more? Visit our luxury vinyl tile collection now!

Reasons to Listello Border Tiles

Posted on in Blog by Shades Of Stone

Listello is a type of tile that homeowners and interior designers use in their tile projects to give their installation an attractive finish especially towards the edges or border. 

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