Hardwood floor planks demand extra care and attention from homeowners after installation. Although they are “hard” and durable, they tend to lose their look and strength over time because of inadequate maintenance.

If your hardwood flooring has received potential damage, and you are planning to replace it, you can consider luxury vinyl planks and tiles as an option.

Luxury vinyl tiles are designed to imitate the look hardwood planks. Using these manmade wood effect planks, you can create real-like wood flooring in your living room, kitchen, entryway, bedroom, and other areas of your home.

And the best part is, you can install luxury vinyl planks on your existing hardwood flooring. It will work as the base or subfloor, on which the tiles will be installed.

Tips for Installation –

* Remove dust and dirt from the hardwood floor (which now is the subfloor). Make sure there is no lose debris on it.

* Remove molding. You will need to replace them after LVT floor installation.

* Level the uneven areas on the subfloor. Use self-leveling compound or other specialized product to create a perfectly level subfloor. Let the adjustments settle well.

* Place an underlayment sheet on the subfloor if there is a need.

* Measure the area to be tiled, and cut planks as required.

* Start placing your luxury vinyl tiles as per your layout idea.

* Complete the installation line by line.

* Use the right tools to ensure tiles are installed in straight line.

* Reinstall the molding tiles.

* And you have just finished LVT floor installation on your old hardwood flooring.

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