Durango travertine is a creamy, beige textured variety of travertine stone sourced from Mexican valleys. Know for rendering a luxurious gorgeousness indoors and outdoors, the stone makes an equally fine choice for floors, walls and countertops.

Many homeowners and interior designers use Durango cream as kitchen counter. You too can choose Durango cream to create a high-end styling in your kitchen. However, you will need to make sure that the stone has a polished surface and sealed after the installation.

Cheaper than Marble

Marble creates magic in any setting. However, it is an expensive and (maintenance) demanding natural stone. Travertine too creates the magic and is cheaper than marble. Just like marble, it also has porous surface, but the pores can be sealed to avoid stains.

In many parts of the world, travertine is sold as marble, and those who cannot differentiate happily buy it paying the price of marble. So, if you are looking for something that looks like marble at a lower cost, Durango travertine is the material to go with.


Moving forward, when we compare the strength and durability of travertine with marble, the former appears to be winning the game. Durango travertine is a water and moisture resistant material, which makes it a great choice for kitchen counter.

Make sure that the stone tile you are buying has pores, not holes; because holes can affect the water/moisture resistance and durability of Durango travertine.

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