Glass is a material that easily gets stained. When you have glass subway tiles installed in your bathroom or kitchen, you are always concerned about keeping them clean. Glass tiles do not have any pores and they do not absorb water and other fluids, cleaning and maintenance is easier.

This blog is going to explain some of the best practices to clean glass subway tiles and restoring their shine –

  • Use non-abrasive cleaning solution for regular cleaning. You could also use glass cleaner to keep your glass subway tiles clean and maintain their natural shine.
  • Wipe and dry water from the wall tile after shower. When water droplets dry up, they leave stains that give an unsightly look.
  • Mix warm water and vinegar in equal quantities. Spray the mixture over stained areas on glass subway tiles. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Now, rub the tile with a soft sponge or soft, old toothbrush. Wash and rinse the wall. Dry it completely using a soft, dry cloth piece.
  • To clean grout lines, here is a trick. Wear safety gloves. Mix 1 part bleach in 3 parts water. Apply the mixture on stained grout lines. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Rub with a soft brush and rid away the stains and dirt from the grout lines on your glass subway tile pattern.

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