Onyx has been serving as one of the most aesthetic and versatile tiles options to many homeowners who want natural stone surfaces in their interiors. Onyx tiles are available in a myriad of earthly shades and are super smooth in texture. But this smooth texture of the tiles makes them susceptible to stains and scratches.

Therefore, the people favoring these tiles should also be well acquainted with its cleaning and maintenance procedures. Here in this article some tips for its maintenance are discussed. Read below to know more.

Daily cleaning tips

Daily cleaning involves cleaning off the dust and debris from the tiles using a broom, cloth or a vacuum cleaner. After that again brush off the remaining debris that get embedded into the joints using a lint-free cloth.

Periodic cleaning tips

Make a mild soap solution using lukewarm water to clean the tiles once a week. Dip a sponge into the solution and then clean the tiles using circular strokes. After that again clean the tiles with plain water so that no more soap solution remains on the tiles. This will make the tiles more slippery.

Hard stains removal

Use special cleaning solutions that are safe for onyx like special stones.

Apart from these you should also be very careful not to spill any food or chemical solvents onto the onyx floorings. Blot the spill if any with dry cloth instead of wiping it out. Use doormats to avoid dirt and limit sharp objects.

There you have it. That's how you keep your Honey Onyx floor tiles. If you are looking to buy Honey Onyx stone for flooring, consider ShadesOfStone.com, one of the trusted suppliers of stones and tiles in the United States.