The most common and most used grout for indoor and outdoor is cement-sand based grout. It is affordable and easy to work with. We have been using it for quite a long time. However, it does not support outdoor conditions.

Rain, storm, dust, sun heat and freezing chill are an undeniable condition in outdoors. Since cement-sand based grout is porous, it becomes an easy victim of these natural conditions and gets damaged and loses its grip pretty easily. Loosened grout is a cause of tile damage.

So, for outdoors, we need a non-porous and more durable grouting material.

Epoxy Grout

Although expensive, epoxy grout makes your outdoor tiles look great. It adds to their durability in outdoor environment. In the following, we discuss some of the biggest benefits of epoxy grout’s suitability in open air applications –

Easy to Maintain –

Cleaning cement based grout eats up a heavy amount of time. You have to work extensively to remove dust and shine up the grout lines. But, epoxy grout is very easy to clean. You can remove dust and greasy debris with an alkaline based cleaning solution.

Grips Well –

Epoxy grout does not lose its grip in summer. It does not also lose its grip during heavy down poring or snowfall. Once installed correctly, it keeps protecting your outdoor tiles for decades.

Remember: Epoxy grout is the best mate of non-porous tiles, because both complement each other. For porous tiles, cement based grout is the ideal material.

If you are thinking about replacing cement based grout from your outdoor tiles, go buy epoxy grout and hire a professional tile placer.  

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