Ceramic tiles are a manufactured product, a material used for creating extravagant wall and floor surfaces in indoor and many outdoor applications. If you have recently purchased ceramic tiles for your home or office, you have seen the packaging that says “100% Fire Resistant”. These tiles are promoted as fireproof wall and flooring material.

But are they actually fire resistant?

Let’s dig it!

The Manufacturing

Ceramic tiles are made from clay, mined from the crust of the earth. Many chemicals and bonding agents are added to the clay to ensure robustness and durability in the final product. The tiles – molded from the clay – are taken to over a thousand degree temperature during the manufacturing process. Check out the stepwise process of ceramic tile manufacturing here.

Fire Resistance

These tiles are fired or manufactured at a very high temperature. That’s the reason why these tiles are fireproof. Ideally, these tiles do not really burn. They are fire resistant.

Ceramic tiles are designed to suit a variety of applications. It is important that you buy a tile only after considering its fire resistance rating. However, characteristically, these tiles do not catch fire. Still, you must buy ceramic tiles that are suitable for your application – such as kitchen, chimney surround, etc.

The surface of the tile does not burn or melt even if you drop a lighted cigarette. On your kitchen counter that has ceramic surface, no damage is likely even if you place hot, burning pots and utelsils.

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