A large number of people use square and rectangular tiles for their walls. Some who strive for difference invest in hexagon and octagon pattern tiles. But if you are looking for a “wow” factor on your walls, 3D wall tiles are what you must give a thought!

3D wall tiles are often called an epitome of art and tech. They are simply both, an art and a product of modern technology. Using these tiles you can create 3 dimensional effects on your wall. These tiles sometimes have 3D effects printed on them. And many a times, they have mosaics (pieces of material) assembled in a way to create 3 dimensional effect.

Ambergris Reed 12x12 Glass & Wood Mosaic –

This is a brilliant art work made from modern glass and real antique teak wood. You will find both the materials assembled in shape and size of a tile.

Our Ambergris Reed 12x12 Glass & Wood Mosaic Tile features cool gray and rich green tones against deep brown-black exposed oiled teak. This all creates a magnificent drama in your interior design.

Mixed 3D Hexagon Glass Mosaic –

Get a more modern look with our Mixed 3D Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile! This 12 inch X 10 inch tile offers visual 3-dimensional effect on your wall with its unique and shiny mixed glass mosaics.

Mystic Cloud Arched 3D Herringbone Mosaic –

From fireplace decoration to accent wall, this beautiful 3D tile is a great choice for walls in a wide range of indoor areas. Use it for bathroom wall or for your kitchen wall, Mystic Cloud Arched 3D Herringbone Mosaic Tile will never miss a chance to give your selection loads of appreciation from onlookers.

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