Want to build a gorgeous interior but worried about your limited budget? ShadesOfStone.com has added Acazia 6 X 36 Matte Ceramic Tile that gives your indoor space a dazzlingly gorgeous interior design.

Acazia Matte Ceramic Tile

Our Acazia Matte 6X36 Ceramic Tile is so versatile that it suits nearly any design scheme and any interior design project. Featuring realistic wood prints, the tile adds a beautiful blending of traditional and contemporary natural elegance into your indoor space.

Its linear veining sets this ceramic tile apart from other wood look tile. You achieve the most realistic wood look on your floor with our Acazia Matte Finish Wood Look Ceramic Tile.

Why Acazia?

Because, this is the only tile that gives you options to choose different colors and shades. The tile is available in three different colors – Blackwood, Koa, and Mangium.

Available in matte finish, the tile makes a great choice for indoor flooring, wall, and backsplash projects. Since ceramic, you can use it in semi outdoor projects including patio and sunroom flooring. You can use it for kitchen counters and table counters as well.

The best part of using Acazia Matte Ceramic Tile is, you don’t have to work hard for cleaning and maintenance, as you have to with real wood tiles. Plus, because of matte finish, these tiles make a smart choice for bathroom and shower floors as well.

Already convinced? Buy Acazia 6 X 36 Matte Wood Look Ceramic Tile from ShadesOfStone.com today!