If you are looking to create patterns on your walls and floors, printed porcelain tiles can promisingly ease your job and save your day. You can use them to give your walls beautiful and intricate patterns – that for a painter is an unfeasible job.

Here are 5 ways you can use printed tiles in your home –

Bedroom Flooring –

The tile used in the bedroom above is Kenzzi Brina 8x8 Porcelain, that features handsome white color with detailed geometric designs, adding a contemporary flair to your space.

The same tile can be used for flooring in living room, entryway, and kitchen as well.

Dining Area Flooring –

Our Kenzzi Indigo 8x8 Porcelain tile can be included in kitchen and dining area designs. The tile features beautiful geo-floral patterns on a dusty blue and white background. Many interior designers love this tile for its vintage stamp like quality.

Rooftop –

Printed tiles are porcelain. And that’s the reason why they can be used for achieving breathtaking looks in outdoors and semi-outdoors as well. Our Kenzzi Azila 8x8 Porcelain tile can be used for creating rooftop floor. And it will not lose its color and prints even when exposed to sunlight.

Office Flooring –

These printed porcelain tiles are highly durable; they can easily withstand heavy foot traffic in offices and commercial spaces. You can include our Kenzzi Anya 8x8 Porcelain tile for building flooring in office reception and other areas.

Likewise, our Kenzzi Zoudia 8x8 Printed Porcelain tile can be used for office lounge flooring –

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