Travertine is a natural stone, and a travertine mosaic tile is a travertine product that has different pieces of travertine (and some other material such as any other natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal, and glass) assembled together to form a tile like shape.

Travertine mosaic tile gives your home a uniform, interesting monochromic scheme, without overwhelming the look of your space. This blog suggests 5 ways you can use our travertine mosaic tiles in your home interior –

An Element of Warmth –

Travertine’s rustic, earthly tone blesses your home with warmth and sophistication. You can use our Tuscany Classic 2x2 Tumbled Mosaic Tiles to fill achieve a warm and welcoming draw in your kitchen design.

Classic Style –

Whether use it for walls in your kitchen or living area or bedroom, travertine stone will give your space a timeless appeal which technically will never go out of fashion. Our Tuscany Scabas 2 X 4 Tumbled Brick Pattern Mosaic Tiles leave no stone unturned in doing that!

Pearl like Shine –

Travertine is available in a wide range of colors starting from ivory, cream, and beige to brown, yellow, gold, and orange. Our Tuscany Ivory 2 X 4 Brick Pattern Honed and Beveled Stone Mosaic Tiles give your indoor walls a pearl or moon like shine.

You can use them same stone tile for outdoor walls as well, like below.

Protection from Spills & Splashes –

Travertine stone tiles come with a variety of surface finishes such as filled, unfilled, tumbled, polished, unpolished, bullnosed, etc. Our Ankara Metallic Blend Backsplash Wall Tile features blended finish for different materials used in the mosaic tile. And because of that, the tile can withstand heavy splashes of water in your bathroom pretty well.

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