There is a wide range of natural stones available in the market – from marble and travertine to slate and granite. Each natural stone represents characteristics that are unique and unmatchable. Although cheaper imitations of natural stone tiles (in porcelain and vinyl) are also present in the market, people still choose stones because of these unique qualities –

Look –

Each natural stone is identified from its look, which obviously includes its color, and apart from that, veining and swirling pattern. If you look closely, you would notice stones are naturally beautiful. They are available in a variety of colors, shades, and patterns giving you countless opportunities to design your indoors and outdoors.

Durability –

Natural stones are hard and durable. In fact, on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, stones are among the hardest materials found on earth.

If installed correctly (on a standard quality subfloor using quality thin set and grout) and maintained well, stone surfaces will last more than a lifetime. There is nothing more durable (and natural) than stone.

Eco-friendly –

There is no such thing as production of natural stones. Stones are cut from rock blocks; they are not produced at a factory. And their processing does not cause any damage or adverse impact on the earth.

Help Save Power Bills –

Additionally, natural stone walls and floors help keep the temperature of your home pleasant. Meaning, in summer, the temperature is a few degrees down and in winter, it is warm and cozy. And that certainly helps save thousands on power bills annually.

No Frosting, No Heat Damage –

You can use natural stone tiles in outdoors as well as indoors, to be specific, in your garden and in your kitchen. And there is no way the weather (in outdoor) or the heat (in your kitchen) can cause any damage to the stone. Why? Because stones can take up all these factors pretty well without experiencing wear and tear.

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