Travertine is one of the most common natural stones for indoor and outdoor projects. From bathroom and kitchen floor to living room fireplace and pool deck – travertine stone tiles can be used in a variety of applications.

What’s more interesting is, the type of tile used differs for different projects. We will understand all this under the following subsections –

Styles of Tile –

When you search for travertine stone tiles on the Internet, you are given so many options that may or may not include –

Rectangular Tiles –

Durango 6X12 Honed Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are available in rectangles of varying sizes. Some of the common sizes are – 3 inches X 6 inches, 6 inches X 12 inches, 12 inches X 18 inches, 12 inches x 24 inches, and 8 inches X 48 inches. You may find many other sizes in the market or store near you.

Square Tile –

The stone tiles can also be available in perfect squares. You can get them in 12 inches X 12 inches, 6 inches X 6 inches, 18 inches X 18 inches, and 24 inches X 24 inches, and so on. You should choose the tile size depending on your space and project requirements.

Mosaics –

These tiles are ideal for walls and other vertical applications. Travertine mosaic tiles can be made from mosaics (pieces) of travertine and other stones (or materials such as marble, onyx, glass, and metal).

They can be available in rectangles and squares both.

Interlocking –

Country Classic French Pattern Travertine Tile

Interlocking travertine stone tiles help you create a feel of continuity on your walls. These are typically mosaic tiles with mosaics assembled in way that they lock and join each other.

They provide better bonding between tiles too.

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