White is classic. White is pure. White adds a sense calmness and cleanliness. Dominance of color white makes your room appear more spacious. There are countless benefits of choosing use white color in your indoor ambiance.

If you are thinking of a home interior makeover, this blog suggests some of the cool and easy to adopt design ideas with white color, specifically classic white tiles. Check out the following points –

Make Your Kitchen Look Clean & More Spacious


The very idea of using white backsplash and walls is that, classic white tiles make it appear clean. In addition to that, cleaning white tiles is easier as small dust particles are easily visible on them.

For an even classier look, you could consider coupling white tiles with darker shades, like used in this kitchen.

Add Interest On Your Bathroom Walls


Bathrooms these days have taken a modern avatar. Today’s bathrooms are modular and stylish. To enhance the styling of your wall, you can consider using classic white subway tiles in standard and smaller shapes and in horizontal and vertical patterns as used in this classy bathroom.

Bring Light Into Your Room


Does your room look dark and dull? Give it a makeover and turn it all white with classic white tiles. Walls, ceiling, flooring, and cabinets – turn everything in the room white. Even the color of furniture should be painted white. And the image of the room above is tells the entire story. The room looks bright and warm as well as clean and spacious.

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